Sex on Crystal

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Tina and sex

Tina is commonly used to help guys connect to other guys socially and sexually, and enhance sexual encounters. Many guys who have crystal sex do not use condoms, do not care in the moment about HIV Viral Load, HIV partner disclosure, enjoy anonymous sex with many guys at a time, and get into edgier, rougher and kinkier sex than they do when they are sober. Many guys have sex with partners they normally aren’t attracted to, or even like, which can induce feelings of guilt and shame later. The urge to have sex on Tina can be so strong none of these considerations feel like the matter.

Sex on Tina can be incredible, mind-blowing and like nothing else. It can be so amazing, that sober sex can feel dull, boring, or completely disinteresting after Tina sex. This perhaps is the toughest part about Tina sex. It can be extremely difficult to cut down or quit Tina, when the sex on it is so good, and the sex you have sober pales by comparison. This is because of the effect of Dopamine. Sober sex on a purely chemical level, simply cannot compare to Tina sex. This realisation can feel like despair for some guys wanting to get off Meth.

If you enjoy, or are thinking about having Tina sex,  the following tips can reduce your risks:

Consider and Accept Your Come Down

Before doing Tina, really think about how you will feel when you come down, in terms of the kinds of sex you want to look back on and feel good about having. Accept your come down. Both the high, the sex you have during, the come down, and the feelings you have about the tina sex you had are all a package part of the experience.

Know Yourself

What works for others may not work for you. Some guys can do Tina and not get paranoid unless they do a lot. Some guys get paranoid right away, even after a little. Some guys get very focused on Tina, and some guys get very scattered. If you have pre-existing Mood Disorders, like Anxiety or Depression, Tina will likely make those worse.

Inspect Your Body for Wear-and-Tear

Carefully inspect yours and your partner’s genitals for any signs of STIs. Tina sex can be like marathon sex, where we have multiple partners, and vigorous penetration. This can contribute to penile chafing, rectal pinking, or bleeding. Make sure you check your asshole or front hole for any pinking or redness, by gently dabbing with toilet paper if you’ve had a dick, fist, finger, dildo, or enema up there, or have booty bumped. Pinking means there’s skin breakage, and increases your risk of transmitting an STI. If there is pinking or blood, stop. You may not feel sore due to the Tina’s effect on numbing pain, but your body has been hurt and needs to recover. Switch gears to another sexual activity.

Check your mouth for gum bleeding for the same reason. Plan on gloving it if you’re fisting regardless.

Fist Carefully

Fisting is an intense activity. Sometimes when we use Tina, we are super horny and eager to try new, edgy sexual activities. If you are new to fisting, please learn how to do it safely. If you are experienced at fisting, take it easy and go slow. Both beginners and seasons fisters can do harm to your rectum if you don’t do things correctly. For information on safer fisting, please check out this resource.

Avoid Mixing

Mixing drugs can be dangerous, induce health complications and increase the risk of overdose. For more information on Tina and mixing, click here.


Injecting meth, when paired with Tina Sex, can over time, create an association whereby the act of injection becomes fused with sex, injecting feels sexual. This sometimes leads to instances where users inject one another. If you are going to inject Tina, it is safer if you learn how to inject more safely, and inject yourself. It is much riskier to inject other people, or be injected by someone else, especially someone you do not know very well. To learn how to inject more safely, click here.


Use extra lube for Tina sex. We’re talking sloppy! This helps reduce chafing, and wear-and-tear that can result from marathon sex sessions, and reduces the risk of transmission of STIs. Water or silicone-based lubes are the best.

Condoms for Dicks, Holes and Sex Toys

Not everyone immediately opts for condomless sex when they get high. They are one of the best ways to avoid transmission of many STIs, including HIV and other STIs. There are different sized condoms, which increase comfort dramatically. Also, there are non-latex condoms available, which can feel softer and nicer if latex leaves you feelings chaffed. Be sure to use condoms for sex toys, and change them between partners to avoid spreading chlamydia, Hepatitis C or LGV. To learn how to use toys more safely, click here.

Change condoms regularly with Tina sex, to make sure they haven’t broken, to check for pinking, or to make sure they haven’t slid off if someone has Crystal Dick. Insertive Condoms (also called Female Condoms) can be placed into the ass or front holes, and help reduce the worry of roll-on condoms from slipping off. They are non-latex which helps with latex allergies or sensitivity, and are a good fit for a range of penis sizes. Be sure to only use 1 insertive condom per insertive partner. Double-dipping, where one partner is putting his penis head into the cum of a previous partner, can transmit HIV and other STIs and eliminates the purpose of condom use.

Insertive condoms are also beneficial as you can put them in beforehand, if Tina use makes it hard for you to remember/care about other risk reduction practices. If you are worried about the cleanliness of your rectum, as Tina can make your bowels act funny, Insertive Condoms create a poop-free, sealed environment.