HIV & STI Testing

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Undetectable Viral Load and STIs

Tina Sex can be risky sex for the transmission for HIV and other STIs.

For those of us who are HIV Positive, Tina Sex may provide an escape from the stigma, shame and other bad feelings we experience due to our HIV diagnosis, or from rejection, or rejection fears from sex partners. Tina Sex, and associated lack of sleep and proper eating can stress your body, and increase your Viral Load. This is an important consider if Undetectable Viral Load (also known as U+ or U=U) is one of your sexual health strategies. Be sure to regularly test for and monitor your Viral Load. Be sure to use and be extra careful during times when you’re feeling tired or run down.

Some STIs are concentrated among sexual networks of HIV positive men, such as syphilis. Syphilis is often re-transmitted from a shared sexual network of men, who pass it back and forth even after receiving treatment. To learn more about screening for and treating syphilis, click here.

Other STIs like Chlamydia and LGV are similarly transmitted and concentrated in networks of sexual partners, and can be an added health stressor if you are HIV positive.

If you have regular Tina Sex, that is vigorous sex with multiple partners regularly, we recommend that you do these tests regularly:

  • Urine testing for Chlamydia, LGV, Gonorrhea if you get sucked or if you fuck (topping)
  • Throat swabs for Chlamydia, LGV, Gonorrhea if you suck cock
  • Rectal swabs for Chlamydia, LGV, Gonorrhea if you bottom without condoms
  • Blood test for Syphilis
  • Blood test for HIV or Viral Load Screening if you are HIV Positive
  • Blood test for Hepatitis A, B and C
  • Get vaccinated for Hep A & B
  • If you see a sore on your genitals or ass, get it swabbed before it heals over, to test for herpes or syphilis
  • Get tested for LGV, a separate, aggressive form of Chlamydia
  • Get your liver functions and blood pressure checked by your doctor, especially if you are on other medications or mix other drugs with Tina