Safer Using

Safer Smoking

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How it’s done:

The drug is heated in a tempered, shatterproof glass, bowl pipe until it turns to smoke, which is inhaled into the lungs where it enters the bloodstream.

Time to get off:

Less than 1 minute

Things to watch out for:

Smoke irritates the lungs, which can lead to breathing difficulties and coughing. It’s also carcinogenic. People with asthma, emphysema, and other lung problems are particularly at risk. If you smoke Tina, you likely consume larger quantities of the drug more quickly than if you snort or swallow. As the onset is much quicker and the high more intense, the development of addiction is much higher than other methods of consumption.

Strategies to reduce risks:

Set limits on how much you smoke, and how often you smoke Tina as your method of consumption. Try swallowing Tina in vegetable capsules to reduce development of addiction.