Understanding Why I Use

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Why do we use Tina?

We can begin using Tina for a variety of reasons:

  • To party, for the rush, or because it’s taboo
  • Because we’re offered it, we are curious or are are bored
  • To medicate depression, anxiety or cope with trauma
  • To medicate ADD/ADHD or OCD
  • We feel like it improves productivity for boring tasks
  • To boost our self-esteem and feel a sense of tribe
  • To cope with the stress
  • Because we recently immigrated and want more friends
  • To cope with sexual racism, internalised homophobia, biphobia, or transphobia
  • To cope with HIV stigma, shame or fatigue
  • To lose weight, dance all night or fuck all night
  • Because hot guys will have sex with us if we do Tina with them
  • To give ourselves permission to not use condoms, or to bottom
  • It’s a part of online social networking and bathhouse culture
  • We don’t know how to have sober sex anymore
  • Because it’s the best high we’ve ever had
  • Didn’t know Tina is a different drug than others we have tried

What are some of yours? Many of us don’t begin using thinking we’re in any danger of developing problems and becoming dependent or addicted.

Why do we stop using Tina?

Different people have different reasons. Some common ones include:

  • Desire for more honesty and integrity; tired of lying all the time
  • We want to have our career move forward
  • To avoid job loss and recover from financial loss
  • Desire to repair broken relationships
  • We miss the friends we lost, or the boyfriend who left us because of Tina
  • We want a long-term relationship
  • We want to see our family again
  • We have to deal with criminal charges
  • We want our memory back
  • We want to have energy again
  • We want our Viral Load to be Undetectable again
  • We need to fix our dental health
  • We want to have sex with a whole person
  • We want to have where we feel a connection the next day
  • We have to deal with Hep C coinfection
  • We want to have fun again if Tina hasn’t been fun in a long time
  • We want less drama
  • We want stable housing/living environment

What are some of your reasons?