Safer Slamming

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Safer injecting is best communicated visually rather than through text only. Below is a resource from the Chicago Recovery Alliance. The 23 images help show how to take better care of one’s veins and reduce disease transmission through the process of injection. We encourage anyone who injects to follow as many of these steps as possible.

Toronto has several needle exchange programmes and sites around the city. Check out The Works for harm reduction supplies (including needles and other equipment) and services for drug users (including testing and counselling).

To learn about safer injection, please check out CATIE’s Sharp Shooter’s Resource by clicking here.

To learn about better vein care, please check out this resource by the Chicago Recovery Alliance by clicking here.

TIP: Slamming can be intense. Maybe it’s not the way to go for you? Perhaps you want to give your veins a break? You can snort, smoke, booty-bump, rail…Check out the pros and cons of other methods here.