Tina & Other Drugs

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Many guys use Tina with other drugs. Tina has risks of its own and when combined with other drugs risks increase. The more of any drug, or the more combinations of different drugs, the more our liver and other organs have to process. The more types of drugs we mix, the greater the risks of unintended and dangerous outcomes.


When combining other drugs with Tina, be as informed as possible about interactions and specific combinations. Prescription medications have been clinically tested and are of standardized quality. Most illegal drugs do not have this benefit, and different batches of the same drug can vary in terms of ingredients, potency, and the presence of toxics additives or substitutions,  making some interactions difficult or impossible to predict.

Two classes of drugs that can be dangerous when combined with Tina are stimulants and depressant drugs, also known as downers. Cocaine, Crack, MDMA, and Energy Drinks like Redbull, are stimulant drugs. Stimulants have a synergistic effect with Tina, meaning that they increase together. Some MDMA has meth in it, and taking it together can increase the amount of meth in your system. Combining stimulants, such as Tina with MDMA, can make you feel sick, increase your body temperature to dangerous levels, and increase the chance of cardiac arrest or stroke.

Alcohol, GHB, opiates like Heroin, Oxy and Fentanyl, and Ketamine are popular downer drugs. Downers slow your heart down while Tina speeds it up. This combination can lead to a stroke or heart attack.

Poppers (amyl, butyl, and isopropyl nitrite) are also Downers, and they are dangerous to mix with Erectile Drugs like Viagra™, causing a stroke. This is an important consideration, as it can be tempting to use Erectile Drugs to combat Crystal Dick.


Crystal Dick is when you are horny on Tina, but cannot get or maintain a hard-on. Erectile drugs are not recommended with Tina, as they lower your blood pressure, while Tina increases it. This can make you feel sick, lightheaded, headache, and increase your risk of stroke.

Injectables are erection drugs that do not have the same effects as Erectile Drugs that are taken in pill form, as the effect of Injectables is local, and does not affect blood pressure. To learn how to use Injectables more safely, click here.

Any heart and blood pressure medications are also cause for concern with Tina for the same reasons.

Anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and other psychiatric medications can be risky with Tina. This is because they work on the same neurotransmitters that Tina affects. If you take psychiatric medications, it is critical to disclose our Tina use to our doctor.

Caution is also recommended when taking Tina in conjunction with mono anamine oxidase inhibitors also called MAOI’s. MAOIs are in many anti-depressants. When combined with crystal, they cause fever, hypertension, and arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms). Check with your doctor to determine if any medication you are taking contains MAOIs.

HIV Medications

Integrase Inhibitors, and specifically Elvitegravir/Cobicistat/TDF/FTC (Stribild) increase the amount of amphetamines including meth, MDMA, and Speed (non-meth amphetamines) in your system. This can result in a longer and more intense crash. This combination can exacerbate high blood pressure, heart or liver problems.

HIV Viral Load can be increased by the toxic ingredients in meth, stress of sleep-loss and, lack of caloric intake, and missed HIV med doses. Be sure to routinely test for and monitor your viral load when  doing Tina, especially if Undetectable Viral Load (U+) is your primary sexual health strategy.

Harm Reduction Tips
  • Be informed about the drug combinations you take
  • Set limits for yourself about what drugs you take together and stick to them, especially when tempted to mix while high
  • Plan ahead: let anyone you hook up or use with know what you are willing to do or not do. Find out what they are into before getting high.
  • Consider the state you want to achieve if considering mixing. Consider other ways to achieve those states without mixing
  • Know your source and quality of illicit drugs.
  • Make peace with, and plan for, your come down. Let yourself come down, do not take more. You can always party another day.
  • Work with your health care practitioner to avoid being prescribed bad mixing for Tina while using