Do you know…
Tina? is a project of ACT – AIDS Committee of Toronto, and was originally developed through work of the Toronto Gay/Bi Men’s Crystal Meth Task Force in 2006. The content has been updated as of 2017.

We think it’s important that you know Tina.

Himynametina is an online wellness resource written for and by gay, bi, queer men. This site is for guys who use Tina, former or ex-users, guys who want to take a break, guys who want to quit, and loved ones negatively impacted by crystal meth.

Some people are functional on Tina and manage to keep their health, jobs, and relationships on track.

Some guys really struggle on Tina and find that it is more intense than other party drugs, and find their health, finances and relationships negatively impacted often in a short amount of time.

This site is for anyone who:

  1. Wants to use Tina more safely
  2. Would like to cut down, or cease use altogether
  3. Is thinking about using Tina and wants to learn more
  4. Is supporting someone who uses Tina