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Community supports

This section details selected services available at organizations located in the downtown Toronto area. Some services are designed primarily to serve gay, bi, queer men.

Most of the services available in Toronto are covered by OHIP – the provincial health plan. Some services don’t even require a Health Card. Some require an appointment, assessment and referral, and some do not. Most services are ongoing.

Unfortunately,supports for crystal meth issues specific to gay, bi, queer men are limited in Toronto. If you are looking for a service elsewhere in Ontario, contact your

If you are looking for a service in Toronto that you do not find here, you can look it by by going to local AIDS Service Organisation, or 311.

If you are looking for services in other Provinces, contact your local AIDS Service Organisation, or check out 211, Canada’s directory for government-funded, and community-based health and social services at or call 211 on your phone.

Addiction Services

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Detox & Withdrawal

Gay, bi, queer Men’s Health

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