Meth Purity & Bad Batches

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Quality of Tina is important, as it can sometimes be manufactured from toxic chemicals. Tina quality can vary. Try to use the best quality available. Undesirable toxins from poor quality standards can give you a crappy high, make you sick, or even be fatal, especially if injecting. Good quality crystal should appear in crystalline, tiny shards that are  clear like ice, or else white in colour. Powdered forms can be mixed with other substances. Many users prefer to buy Tina as shards and grind their own powder, if it is not going to be used for smoking.

Any other colour or opaqueness indicates a bad batch, and is best to not be consumed. The colours are a byproduct of cooking and straining process, and can make the batch red, orange, purple, green, or brown. Avoid coloured Tina.

Clear, or white colouring doesn’t always guarantee good quality. Talk to your dealer about quality. Inform your dealer of the methods you will be taking your Tina. Try tiny quantities or new batches first, as samples, and what a while to see how they affect you.