Making a decision to change
Getting started
Reducing use tips
Refusal skills
Coping with cravings
Stress management for users

Getting started

So, you want to make a change but you’re not sure where to start. It’s easy to get overwhelmed especially if it seems like many aspects of life have been affected by our Tina use. The truth is everything is connected but we can’t take it all on at once.

Affects of Tina Exercise

This exercise can help you identify more clearly how Tina use is affecting your life. Some guys find it helpful to breakdown the impacts of Tina use on different aspects of their life:

• Health
• Finances
• Friendships
• Partner
• Work/School/Volunteer
• Sex
• Safety

The next step is to envision the alternatives. What would you like to experience in each of these areas. Now that we can more readily identify the impacts of our use and imagine how what you would like to be experiencing instead, pick 1 area to start. What is your priority? What can you do now to start moving towards your vision of this aspect of your life?

TIP: If your use has impacted your life in minor ways or you are clear about where to begin making the change you want to make, then please move on to the ‘Reducing use tips’ article for ideas on how to implement the changes you want to make.

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