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Refusal skills
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Refusal skills

Wither you decide to reduce your use or abstain completely, one of the challenges meeting the goal is being offered more Tina. Saying ‘no’ is sometimes not enough. This is a practice and like anything we practice, we will become better at it. Recall strategies that have worked in the past.

Here are some suggestions from other guys that night be helpful for you as well:

• Don’t hesitate. Respond immediately.

• Be clear and firm.

• Look the person in the eye when you say it and say it like you mean it.

• Remind yourself of your goal.

• Suggest a healthy alternative.

• Change the subject.

• Bring to mind the benefits of not using and the consequences if you do use.

• Don’t worry if the other person is disappointed, frustrated or angry. Those responses are not your responsibility.

• Leave the situation.

• Feel good about your choice to stay committed to your goal.

• Do not let guilt creep in.

If one doesn’t work, then try another.

TIP: Imagine a situation where you can readily anticipate being offered Tina where you might have trouble refusing. Make a little plan now. What can you think, say and do in this situation that will make it easier to refuse and stay on track with your goal?