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Making a decision to change

One of the first steps towards successfully changing your crystal use is to reach a clear decision that you want to change. Others users have found it helpful to think about the good and not so good things about changing versus not changing their Tina use.

The Decisional Balance Exercise

One way of thinking about change is to consider it from the point of view of advantages and disadvantages. What do you have to lose? What do you have to gain? Then ‘weigh’ your decisions for change. Which way does your ‘decisional balance’ tip?

Divide a piece of paper into four quadrants. The left hand side of the paper is for your answers to the question, ‘What’s good about it?’ The right hand side is for your answers to the question, ‘What’s not so good about it?’

First, answer the questions from the point of view of continuing your current Tina use. Then in the lower two sections, answer the questions as they relate to changing your Tina use.

Moving Forward

Your ‘decisional balance’ today may indicate that what is good about your use is of greater benefit than what is not so good. We encourage you to bookmark this page as a reminder to revisit your current decision. Make a commitment to self care by setting a date to update your ‘decisional balance.’ Our lives are not static and neither are the impacts of our use on our lives. It may also be helpful to revisit this exercise immediately following a period of use where you may feel more inspired to make a change.

Acting On A Decision To Change

Your ‘decisional balance’ may tip in favour of the ‘not so good,’ but you may not feel ready to make a change at this point. Part of not feeling ready may be lacking the confidence that you have the tools or support to move forward with change. This is a common experience.

If you would like to make a change and aren’t sure how to go about it or would just like to increase your odds of success, we encourage you to review other articles in this section for strategies and tips on how to implement your decision. It’s likely that you may need or want outside help. It will be useful to review what resources might be helpful to support your decision.

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Adapted from the Getting Started Programme, Rainbow Services, CAMH with permission

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