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Telltale signs present in early Tina use
Someone we care about is a problem Tina user

Telltale signs present in Tina use

Wonder if someone you know is using Tina? Here are some signs that may help identify use. Remember that some of these behaviors can be the result of other causes besides Tina use. Many people can use Tina and not show any signs of use, or hide them very well, especially in the early stages. If the person you know has exhibited many of these behaviors or conditions, it is likely they are using Tina, especially if they are increasing in severity and frequency.

Common Signs

• Tina paraphernalia including: small plastic baggies, glass pipes, razor blades (for crushing ‘crystals’, plastic ‘bumpers’ (small containers with a valve) used for snorting, syringes, heated spoons, surgical tubing, mirrors and straws.

• Failure to return calls, make and keep plans consistently, or disappearing for days at a time.

• Social isolation from family and long-time friends.

• Disruption of normal patterns like missing work, school, gym or volunteer commitments.

• Impaired decision-making and/or short-term memory loss.

• Manic-depressive mood swings that may be accompanied by irritability, dizziness and confusion

• Sexually charged

• Impaired sexual functioning, including inability to get and keep an erection (known as ‘crystal dick’) and delayed ejaculation.

• Little or no sleep for multiple days (especially during weekends with circuit parties, Pride events or festivals/street fairs).

• Sweating, dehydration, and changes to body odour.

• Reduced appetite and weight loss.

• Bad breath and grinding of teeth.

• Sensitivity to noise

If you believe someone you know is using Tina and would like to know how to help them please click here.

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