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In the Resource Guide, we provide detailed information and page links to specific crystal meth friendly programmes and services among community organizations in Toronto. In this section, we offer a more complete list of general community health and wellness resources. Many of these agencies offer other services and information that you may want to access as well.

We’ve also expanded the list to include AIDS service organizations (ASOs) because many guys dealing with issues related to crystal meth may also be dealing with being poz. We include agencies that offer HIV/AIDS information and resources to diverse racial, cultural and ethnic communities. The descriptor line for each organization highlights some of the services available.

All of the agencies listed are based in downtown Toronto. Most of these links will take you directly to the respective home page and you can explore from there. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect our own.

AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT)
Support (counselling, groups, practical assistance, employment), Education (groups, seminars, forums) Outreach, Advocacy.

Africans in Partnership against AIDS (APAA)
Support (counselling, groups), Assistance (financial, referrals), Outreach.

Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (ASAAP)
Support (groups), Education (workshops), Health promotion, Advocacy.

Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS)
Support (counselling), Education (workshops). Outreach.

Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black C.A.P.)
Support (counselling, immigration), Assistance (financial, referrals), Education (workshops).

Canadian AIDS Treatment Exchange (CATIE)
Education (comprehensive treatment information)

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
Treatment, Community services, Education, Research.

Family Services Association (FSA)
Education, Counselling (David Kelley Services, new immigrants, abuse, bereavement)

Hassle Free Clinic
Sexual health services. Medical (testing), Education, Counselling.

Sherbourne Health Centre
Support (counselling, group), Medical, Health promotion, Wellness, Education (workshops).

Toronto Public Health
Education, Support, Porgramming, Clinical services.

Toronto People with AIDS Foundation (PWA)
Services (food, therapies, recreational, harm reduction), Support (financial, employment)

2-Spirited People of the First Nations
Support (counseling, referrals, practical assistance), Education (workshops), Research.

The 519 Community Centre
Support (counselling, groups, anti-violence, legal, social), Education (workshops).

The Works (needle exchange)
Harm reduction services and supplies for drug users (testing, counselling).

TIP: If you are looking for additional services or services outside the downtown core, you may want to refer to ‘The Living Guide,’ a comprehensive online guide to hundreds of services offered throughout Toronto. While the listings are HIV/AIDS oriented, many are not limited to that issue.


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