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Online cruising tips

What goes around comes around. Treat the guys you meet with the same respect you would like to receive. This will help ensure you are more satisfied. Here are some guidelines that can help you hook-up in a more fulfilling and safer way:

• If at all possible, stay sober while cruising online. The rush of crystal meth can encourage us to make choices and behave in ways that we regret later. If we’re high, then following as many of these tips as possible will help make our experience more positive.

• Be prepared. Most guys are looking for right now. If you’re open or looking to host, then clean-up your place before logging on. If you’re looking to be fucked in the ass, then clean out yourself as well. (For the basics on anal douching click here. If you want to play later, that's cool; just be up-front about it. That way, guys won't think you're a cyber tease.

• Set limits on chatting and cruising for sex before you go online. We’ve all experienced wasting more time than we intended online. Relieve the inevitable frustration by setting time limits and sticking to them. Taking a break with another activity and shutting the computer off makes this easier to do. Grabbing a drink and something to eat might be a good idea. Some guys even set an alarm.

• Be yourself. Post only the truth. Better that then wasting your time and his.

• Protect yourself if you are concerned about other guys appropriating your pics. Some guys mark their pics with a screen name for example.

• If you play safer or only bareback, make it known. Repeat it again in email or chat before meeting. Guys in heat don't always read everything. Guys on Tina don’t always remember everything.

• If smoking, safer sex, barebacking, leather, piss, fetishes or other things are turn-ons then say so upfront.

• Be firm. Stick to your limits. Respect him and don’t tempt him to abandon his.

• Be kind. Find smooth ways to say no.

• Your Mother was right. Be wary of strangers.

• Be responsible. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are a part of life; so is telling sexual partners (past, present and future) when you are infected.

• Be clear. Don’t hide under a chem-friendly or PnP label if you’re only looking for a Tina date. If you are looking for a buddy to slam with then say so.

• Be smart. Don’t introduce him to Tina or show him new ways to do it.

• Don’t play games. Show up if you’ve agreed to meet or at least call if you change your mind or are running late.

• Sometimes you agree to meet and for whatever reason, it’s just not going to work. Feel comfortable with a ‘this isn't going to work’ line and practice it if necessary. If it's not right, no worries or explanations are needed. Smile and deliver your line and if he insists, smile and walk away.

• Be prepared for rejection yourself. It happens all the time. If you ask why, be prepared to hear the answer, and don’t assume that it will be delivered tactfully or with grace.

• Be grateful. Tina can make us impatient and impulsive to leave. Completing the cycle of a sexual encounter, even if only to express some thanks and intimacy can make all the difference to your experience and his.

Adapted from with permission.

Hooking Up Online
Hooking Up Online


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