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Bareback sex (fucking without condoms) is a reality for some, even though barebacking is the major way that most guys (tops and bottoms) get, or pass on HIV.

While we do not encourage bareback sex, we believe that it is important for men to know about the risks associated with it, and if chosen, some strategies they can take that might reduce their risk of getting or passing on HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

There are additional risks associated with being high and barebacking -especially with a stimulant like Tina. Tina may let us go to places sexually we wouldn’t normally venture - we can lose our inhibitions and cross boundaries in the speed rush of Tina. Tina gives us the energy to have sex for longer periods, which can lead to friction wounds and entry points for infection.

We offer tips that some of us believe may be helpful for reducing risks. However, the best way for not spreading or getting HIV and other STIs is to use latex condoms. Be aware: even if you follow these tips perfectly, they in NO WAY offer you anywhere near the same protection as condoms. Think about it.


With barebacking, communication is required – this may not always be realistic, especially if we are high. Think about your ability to talk with your partner when you’re high on Tina. Is this something that you will realistically do? Talk with partners about STI status (including HIV, Herpes, Hepatitis and Human Papilloma Virus which causes anal and genital warts). Either of you may not know that one or both of you have a STI (such as HIV) - you don’t have to be showing symptoms to have one.


Guys with HIV bareback. Guys who don’t have HIV bareback. Sometimes, we assume that if a partner agrees to fuck, or be fucked, without a condom, he must have the same HIV status that we do. But this isn’t always the case and that’s how HIV gets transmitted. If you have HIV, think about these assumptions before you bareback with someone – can you be certain that your partner has HIV if you don’t talk about it? If you don’t have HIV, can you be certain your partner is also HIV-negative? Not all guys that are positive know they are; he may not know his HIV status, or may have been infected with HIV since his last test. The only way to really know if someone is positive is if they tell you they are.


Tina not only dries out the mucus membranes in your mouth giving you dry mouth but it does the same thing to the inside your ass and cock. These membranes are the first line of defence against infections like HIV and other STIs.

Use lots water-based lube. There is evidence to suggest that oil and silicon-based lubes can trap germs against the skin more so than water-based lubes, increasing the likelihood of infection. Use more lube than you think is necessary because Tina dries the mucosal linings of the ass.

Insist on regular breaks to check yourself and your partner for chaffing, bleeding or sores. While you’re at it, reload the lube. The risk of surface abrasion and tissue damage, both to the cock and inside the ass, increases dramatically in extended crystal meth fuelled sessions.

Pulling out before cumming

Guys who fuck for a while and then put on a condom can get and pass on HIV: both tops and bottoms.

If you’re the bottom and your partner cums inside you, you are at greater risk of infection. Getting the top to pull out before cumming may reduce the risk for the bottom, but it won’t eliminate it. Also, HIV and other STIs are in pre-cum too, so even with pulling out, you’re still at a significant risk.

If you’re the top, think about your ability to maintain your intention to pull out when high, especially when your partner is begging you to stay in! Also, you can still get infected. You may not even notice tears in his ass, or abrasions to your cock and you can’t see what STI’s might be inside his ass.

Before you fuck, decide if you're willing to cum in your partner, or allow him to cum in you. Then, think about your ability to stick to that decision while high on Tina. Some of us do stick to our decisions when high, but for some of us it’s harder to.

Limiting barebacking

Limiting, or rationing, barebacking sessions reduces the number of exposures to STI transmission. It also allows time for healing of abrasions, tears or trauma inside the lining of the ass, urethra (piss hole) and outer skin of the cock.

Before - and after - care

Douching is controversial. Even with warm water it can reduce the natural protection of mucosal linings inside the ass. Douching after sex can also push infections further up your ass.

If you’re going to douche, do it before using Tina - it’s more likely that you will create tears inside or around the ass if you are high. Use warm water only (no soap) and be gentle. If you’re having sex with multiple partners over a short time, don't douche until after the last one. Try to piss right after sex; urine's acidity can help clean out the urethra.


Get regular STI testing

If you have HIV and another STI, you’re more likely to transmit HIV to some one even if your viral load is “undetectable.” If you're HIV-negative and have an STI, you're more likely to become infected with HIV.

Barebacking combined with Tina use puts you at high risk for STIs. Many STIs show little or no symptoms, so just because everything seems fine doesn’t always mean it is. Regular STI and HIV testing will help you stay healthy and decrease the chances of passing STIs to playmates.

In addition, you should get vaccinated for hepatitis A and B.

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