Tina reality check

Here are some questions that might be worth thinking about:

• Is your sex better, or is there just more of it?

• Do you feel fulfilled during sex, or do you find yourself on a ‘mission’?

• Do you achieve a sense of worthiness and sexual bonding or do you have sex more because you're chemically horny?

• Do you achieve orgasm with relative ease, or is it a whole lot of frustration and even desperation getting there?

• Do you experience ‘crystal dick’ and how do you feel about this?

• Do you find yourself bottoming more?

• Do you engage in more potentially risky situations?

• How well do you take care of your sexual partners?

• Do you plan your life around when you use and who you connect with?

• Do you know someone who has fallen on ‘hard times’ because of Tina and who you now find less attractive sexually?

• How is your health?

• How do you feel when you come down? Are you irritable, unstable, or say things you later regret?

• Does crystal make you feel better about yourself in general, or do you actually dislike yourself for using it?

If your answers to any of these questions inspires you to want to make changes, know that help is available. Please check out the Support section for tools and resources.

Adapted from with permission

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