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Better sex without Tina
What can we expect and what can we do about it?
Developing a new sexual life

Better sex without Tina

For many of us, sex with Tina was the most amazing sex we’ve ever had; the ultimate in piggyness, freedom, and acceptance. It may also have left us unfulfilled, lacking in integrity and full of shame. We may also be trying to deal with the physical and psychological results of our use like weight loss, STIs, HIV or Hepatitis C, heart disease, depression, memory impairment and other neurological damage. The balance for us has shifted. The thrill is outweighed by the negatives. We want to reduce or eliminate our use of Tina but we’re afraid to, may not believe that we can, and don’t know how to make the transition to sex without Tina.

You’re not alone. Many users deal with similar issues. Despite the challenges, guys do make the adjustments and are able to have sex without Tina. It takes a lot of perseverance and support but other guys like us make this choice every day; you can too. Sex without Tina will be different. That is part of what we want after all! Finally, and this may be just an idea that we hold onto but can’t imagine yet for ourselves, sex can be better than ever without Tina.

This section is about making the transition to sex without Tina. Our need for sex and intimacy can be one of the biggest challenges for us when dealing with a decision to reduce or end our Tina use. What can we expect and how can we improve our odds of success? What has worked for other guys and what might we learn and try from their experience? For many of us, what has worked for others helps guide and inspire us in the pursuit of our own goals.

TIP: Since even reading and thinking about the subject of sex and Tina can be a trigger, please remember to use the SUPPORT section of this site which includes tools for coping with cravings and stress management among other things.