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The safest choice to minimize or eliminate risks from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) from oral sex with multiple partners is to use a condom. Many of us don’t enjoy that option so here’s what you need to know: sucking cock without a condom is low risk for getting HIV but higher risk for other STIs including Syphilis and Hepatitis. Human papillomavirus (HPV) – the virus that causes genital warts – is transmitted in oral sex and is small enough to pass through a condom.


To reduce risks:

• Make sure there are no sores or cuts in your mouth.

• Pay attention to your gums if you have inflammation and occaisional bleeding. This usually indicates infection (gingivitis). Make sure you aren’t bleeding and consider avoiding oral sex completely until the problem clears up. See your dentist to avoid this problem getting worse.

• Avoid brushing or flossing your teeth before and right after sucking.

• Don’t suck cock if you have a cold sore.

• Pull out before you shoot your load (cum).

• Focus on kissing, licking, sucking, and tormenting the shaft and balls. Don’t swallow the head. You can stimulate intense pleasure by giving attention to the underside of the head (frenulum).

The person who is being sucked is at no real risk of HIV infection, but could get other STIs. During oral sex, avoid getting cum or blood in your mouth. There is a low risk of HIV and a higher risk for Hepatitis B transmission this way.

TIP: Be careful about oral-fecal contamination from fingers, tongues, cocks, etc. to avoid transmitting intestinal parasites.

TIP: If you suck without a condom, get your throat swabbed during your regular STI check-up.

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