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Piss and scat


More guys in Toronto seem to be exploring the pleasures of anal stimulation by rimming (licking and sucking around the asshole). Rimming is risky for the guy doing the rimming but not for the guy receiving. Rimming is considered high risk for parasites and Hepatitis. Rimming is considered low risk for HIV transmission.

To reduce risks:

• Get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B; if you’ve already had Hepatitis you do not need to be vaccinated for the type of Hepatitis that you’ve had. There is no vaccine for Hepatitis C.

• Wash thoroughly around and just inside the asshole (anus) before rimming.

• Rimming is safer if done before other ass play. Fucking, dildoes, and fisting can all damage the lining of the anus. Don’t assume that if can’t see blood that things are safe.

• If you’re going to douche, do it before play and not after. Do it gently and carefully. Don’t rush. Douching can damage the anal canal and drive infections further in.

• Do not rim someone if you have active cold sores (herpes).

If you rim other guys, pay attention to changes in your gut and get checked for parasites during your regular sexually transmitted infection (STI) checkup every six months. If you experience diahera, cramping, bloating, changes in appetite, weight loss, fatigue or other possible symptoms of parasitic infection get tested sooner.

TIP: Try incorporating a barrier. Split a non-lubricated condom lengthwise and use it between your mouth and his ass hole.

TIP: Sex toys can pass on STIs and parasites. Check out the toys page for up to date information on cleaning them.

Adapted from with permission