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Fisting is popular with some guys who use Tina because it doesn’t require getting hard. Your hand becomes your cock and you can stimulate the prostate intensely which can amplify the pleasure and double his experience of orgasm. It’s a safer alternative in terms of HIV transmission as well unless fucking is involved, in which case the risks are very high.

Rectal tissues are easily damaged through abrasion in fisting play. You may experience bleeding or even ‘pinking.’ Pinking is a small amount of blood mixed with lube. Pinking indicates the need to stop and take a break. You can cautiously continue if there is no further blood or pinking.

Even if there is no evidence of blood, that doesn’t mean there’s no surface damage. Surface abrasion of the rectal lining provides an easy way for HIV and other STIs to enter the body and bloodstream. If you want to fuck, do it before, not after fisting. The same advice follows for rimming. As with other forms of anal play that involve exposure to fecal matter, there are the usual concerns with respect to Hepatitis and parasites.

There’s evidence to suggest that Tina dries out mucosal linings throughout the body, including the anal canal. The mucosal lining is a part of the bodies defence so there’s potentially greater susceptibility to infection through anal tissues while high. Booty bumping will make this problem worse. Douching also washes away some of the mucosal lining.

TIP: Some guys use supplements like slippery elm bark lozenges and aloe vera to compensate for some of the mucosal loss. These need to be taken in advance of play. Consult with your favourite health food store. The inherent dangers of fisting become much greater on a drug that tends to facilitate going past safe limits. Safer guidelines for fisting become even more important.

To reduce risks:

• Use gloves. They protect your hand and his ass. The material smoothes the edge of nails. If you start with clean hands underneath, by being able to peel off gloves at any time, you gain quick access to a clean, and usually dry hand, when you need it. If the gloves are white you’re better able to see if there’s blood or pinking.

• Make sure there are no cuts or sores on your hands, especially if you’re not using gloves. You can check this by swabbing them with rubbing alcohol. A sharp stinging sensation will tell you of minor surface cuts you may not be able to see.

• Make sure there are no cuts on your forearms using the same method if there is a possibility you will be playing deep.

• Plan ahead. Set up your play area for an extended scene if you’re going to get high. Assume things are going to get messy and try and be proactive around that, especially since you’re dealing with possible fecal contamination. Make sure everything you’re going to need is accessible. As a minimum, have lots of lube, stuff to clean up with, and water on hand. (Sport bottles are ideal in the sling).

• Take frequent breaks to check in with each other, relube, hydrate, examine your gloves, adjust positions, and relax with some deep breathing. Taking these steps sound like an interruption - in fact, they’re likely to increase your pleasure.

More on Gloves

If you don’t like the feel of latex gloves, or you or your partner has an allergy to latex, know that gloves are available in other materials. Vinyl and nitrile are the two most commonly available alternatives. Vinyl gloves tend to be more durable (and thicker) than latex ones. Some guys find they have better sensitivity with nitrile gloves.

The most economical way to buy gloves is by the box (100). Latex and vinyl types can be purchased at most drug stores. You may have to go a little further to purchase nitrile gloves. Medical supply places sell them and their prices on other gloves are less than your corner drugstore. Make sure the size fits. Choose tighter rather than looser. They will expand with lube and wearing.

More on Lube

Using Tina requires more lube than you think is necessary because we tend to play longer and harder on it. Increased friction over time requires more lube and our attention. Tina tends to dry out mucosal linings so more lube is needed to compensate.

The best lube choice for fisting is probably ‘J-lube.’ J-lube is a veterinary product (made primarily for calving!) that is reconstituted with water. It’s relatively inexpensive and you can customize the viscosity by adjusting the amount of water you mix with it. You can buy it online. It’s safer because it’s a water-based lube and therefore doesn’t have the tendency to trap bacteria that oil based lubes can do. If you are using gloves it won’t break down the latex.

The reality is that many guys still use Crisco™. That’s because Crisco™ is cheap, readily available, works well and even latex gloves can handle the oil for a while because they’re much thicker than condoms. If you’re going to use Crisco™ or combine it with a water based product check your gloves more frequently.

Regardless of your lube preference, make sure that your lube is ass-clusive, and if you’re playing with multiple guys, that you are conscious of contamination through other shared stuff as well. This is harder to do when you’re high so plan ahead and stick to your plan as best you can.

CAUTION: Because Tina facilitates extreme anal play including fisting, guys who use can find it difficult to ‘go back’ to play without it. Just be aware of this especially if fisting is an important part of your sexual expression. Tina overrides our normal endorphin releases and they do return over time when we decide to reduce our use. For more on sex without Tina, you might want to look at our articles in the SEX section.

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