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If fucking, dildos, or fisting, are part of your sexual activity, some guys feel it’s important to have a clean ass. Let’s face it, we’re not all into shit and it doesn’t make for good lube! But douching or having enemas (cleaning out your ass by inserting quantities of water progressively) before anal play could leave you more open to infection. They can wash away the surface mucous that's there to protect you. Tina will tend to dry out your mucous membranes.

Rigourous or extended cleaning out can create damage by creating minor surface abrasions and tearing. Just because you can’t see blood doesn’t mean there isn’t damage. A compromise could be to do a light and shallow cleaning and save deeper cleaning for experienced fisting play

TIP: Avoid douching while high. It will be harder to determine if you’re causing damage and it’s easier to push past safe limits. Clean out before you take a hit.

TIP: Never use soap while cleaning out because it depletes the mucous protection further and faster. Use warm water (body temperature) only and proceed gently. Enemas can be a sexual turn on, so take time to relax and enjoy the sensations. This will also allow you to learn more about your body and your limits. Don’t allow someone else to push you past yours.

A variety of enema apparatus are available. The simplest and most portable is an enema syringe, but the small volume of water they hold makes their use limiting. 'Enema Bags' (usually a rubber hot water bottle with hose and fountain syringe) are probably the most popular. They can be obtained for under $20 and are sold at most drugstores.

Another option is a metal hose that attaches to a shower hose. Its chief advantages are convenience and utility and main disadvantages are high cost and ability to inject large volumes of water under pressure. Each of these apparatus produces a somewhat different experience; experiment to see what suits you best. Make sure you lube the end you are inserting and massage your ass hole before putting it in.

Make your cleaning equipment ass-clusive. Don’t share. Clean it each time you use it. Check out the toys page for more on cleaning.

CAUTION: Douching or enemas should not be used after sex because they don't necessarily wash things away - they can also push infected cum, blood or shit further into the body.

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