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When you buy

Most guys learn about buying Tina from their using friends and by trial and error. This is more dangerous than with other drugs because Tina isn’t like other ‘party drugs’ you may have tried; it’s much more dangerous. We’ve gathered together some information from our experience that we hope informs non-users and new users.

Quantity and Price

The most common quantity that Tina is sold in is a ‘quarter.’ Usually a quarter fills up half of a small plastic baggie (1” x 1”) and it weighs a quarter gram – hence the name. A ‘half’ is twice the amount of a quarter. Guys buy it in quarters or in multiple quarters or grams (for instance, three quarters). You may also have heard of the term ‘8-ball.’ It’s an American term that refers to 1/8 of an ounce which is approximately 3.5 grams (or a little more than 14 quarters). That’s a lot of Tina. For light users an 8-ball could be several months supply.

A quarter gram isn’t very much quantity, especially if you are used to buying other drugs like cocaine. Tina is still a relatively cheap high because it’s so potent. (14 times more potent on average than cocaine for example.) Some dealers will give you more, others less. The range of prices for Tina in Toronto ranges from $40 - $70. Discounts are available on quantity purchases. Some dealers will negotiate price. The mark-up is usually high.

MORE: If you haven’t used before, here are some rough guidelines to give you an idea of Tina’s potency. Doing an entire quarter in a single hit could induce an OD. 1/16 of a gram is considered to be a large hit by most users. 1/32 of a gram might be a more typical hit. That means a quarter would give you 8 hits.


More important than price is quality. Quality here refers to the relative purity of the street drug, keeping in mind that Tina is manufactured from toxic chemicals. At present, the overall quality of Tina available in Toronto is high according to the Toronto Drug Squad and our own experience. This means that the Tina available is relatively clean, but at the time more potent.

It’s always important to verify that the Tina you are using is of the best quality available. Undesirable toxins from poor quality standards can literally kill you, especially if you are injecting. Crystal Meth should appear in crystalline form (tiny shards) that is transparent to semi transparent and clear or white in colour. Powdered forms could be mixed with fillers. Many users prefer to buy Tina in ‘crystal’ form and then generate their own powder if they are not smoking it.

Fortunately, the presence of any colour in the Tina you may be considering using indicates a ‘bad batch’ and should be avoided. The colours are a byproduct of the cooking and straining process which can contributes unique colors, hues, and saturations to the dose. Typical colouring can be red, orange, purple, green, or brown. Avoid the Tina Rainbow.

TIPS: Clear, or white colouring doesn’t guarantee good quality. Know your source. Know your dealer. Inform your dealer of the method(s) you will be using to take your Tina. Try tiny quantities first to sample in a controlled environment.

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