Is Tina….?

Is Tina addictive?
Is Tina dangerous?
Is Tina illegal?

Is Tina addictive?

YES. Tina is one of the most addictive ‘recreational’ drugs. There are very real pharmacological and neurophysiological reasons for this which you can read about on the ‘brain page’. Crystal is more addictive than alcohol, pot, cocaine, k (ketamine), GHB, ecstasy and perhaps even heroin. Tolerance to the effects of Tina builds up quickly in regular and even occasional users, meaning that more and more of the drug is needed to achieve the desired effect.

When dependent users stop taking crystal, we have strong cravings for the drug, and within a few days will experience physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms, including stomach pain, hunger, headaches, shortness of breath, tiredness and depression. This can lead us to taking the drug again to alleviate these symptoms.

This doesn’t mean that if you take Tina you will become dependent or addicted to it. It means that the risks are much higher than for other substances. Many guys report that they could manage other drugs but were unable to manage Tina.


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