How does Tina work?
How does Tina make you feel?
How long does the feeling last?

How is Tina taken?

Tina can be taken in one of five ways: snorted, swallowed, smoked, injected, or inserted in the ass. The crystals or powder may be crushed finely and snorted up the nose. Often straws, ‘bumpers’ (plastic containers with a valve), and rolled bills are used for this purpose. The powder dissolves easily and can be mixed in drinks, injected into a vein with a syringe (‘shooting’ or ‘slamming’), or squirted up the ass (‘booty bumping’ or ‘hooping’). In tablet form, Tina is simply swallowed or ‘parachuted’ with a drink. In its smokable ‘crystal’ form, Tina may be referred to as ‘ice,’ ‘crystal,’ ‘crank,’ or ‘glass.’ It is smoked in a pipe like crack cocaine.