What are the short-term effects of using Tina?
What are the long-term effects of using Tina?

What are the short-term effects of using Tina?

The high can be great but so are the consequences. Crystal meth use produces many short-term effects on our bodies, our minds and behaviours, and our lives. The onset of effects can occur on the first use, be present each time we use, and build as our use experience grows. In general, the more we use the greater the effects will be. Some effects occur while high, others result after the high tapers off. Experiences vary but here is a comprehensive list of what users report.


• racing of the heart and chest pain

• headaches and feeling ‘flushed’

• rise in body temperature

• nausea and vomiting

• impaired speech

• difficulty getting and staying hard

• tightness of the jaw and physical tension

• dehydration

• dryness of the mouth and gum disease

• skin conditions: dryness, itchiness, sores

• diarrhea and disruption to the gastrointestinal tract

• diminishment of appetite and weight loss

• uncontrollable movements: twitching, jerking, mild convulsions

• numbness and diminished ability to sense pain or injury

• feeling ‘wired’

• disturbed sleep and insomnia

• acquisition of bacterial, viral and sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

• immune suppression

Mind and Behaviour:

• easily excited

• excessive talking

• quick to anger

• false sense of confidence and power

• diminishment in ability to think rationally

• reduction of inhibitions

• selfish and irresponsible behavior

• restlessness

• nervousness and insecurity

• moodiness and irritability

• anxiety and panic attacks

• paranoia

• hallucinations

• obsessive-compulsive behavior

• aggressive and violent behavior

• depression


• isolation and loneliness

• increased difficulty coping with stress

• increased focus on the drug: getting high, staying high, recovering from being high

• diminished sense of personal integrity and self-worth

• distancing from and loss of friends

• impacts on primary relationships

• impacts on work and career

• financial stresses

• reduced ability to enjoy life, have fun or sex without being high


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