Task Force



Many people have collectively spent hundreds of hours working on this project. Without their time, insight, and willingness to share what they know and their experiences, this project would not have been possible. Some have come, some have gone, and many are still here. All have played an important role in one way or another.

The following alphabetical list is of those people and their association at the time of their participation:

• Brian Finch (Community Advocate; Crystal Meth Anonymous)

• Bryan (The Works)

• Cam Lewis (Steamworks, Toronto)

• Chris Lau (AIDS Committee of Toronto)

• Christopher Hadden (Rainbow Services – Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)

• Craig Steven (Hassle Free Clinic)

• David Marshall (The Works)

• David Parnell (AIDS Committee of Toronto)

• Duncan MacLachlan (Community Advocate)

• Haran Vijayanathan (AIDS Committee of Toronto)

• James Huctwith (Community Advocate)

• James Murray (AIDS Bureau)

• Jeff Kant (Steamworks)

• John Gaylord (AIDS Committee of Toronto)

• John Maxwell (AIDS Committee of Toronto)

• Leo Mitterni (Hassle Free Clinic)

• Lori Lucier (AIDS Committee of Toronto)

• Michelle Clarke (Sherbourne Health Centre)

• Nelson Parker (Family Services Association: David Kelly Services)

• Nick Boyce (AIDS Committee of Toronto)

• Raj Maharaj (University of Toronto)

• Richard Teixeira (Toronto Public Health)

• Sergio Martinez (AIDS Committee of Toronto)

• Sharon Armstrong (Rainbow Services – Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)

• Shaun Proulx (Gay Guide Toronto)

• Shawn Syms (Community Advocate)

• Sunil Boodhai (Rainbow Services – Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)

• Tim Guimond (Psychiatry Resident, University of Toronto)

• Tony Caines (Toronto Public Health)

• Tulio Neves (The Works - Toronto Public Health)

• Walter Cavalieri (The Toronto Harm Reduction Task Force)

• Wende Wood (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)

• Winston Husbands (AIDS Committee of Toronto)